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The best removal of suspended matter!

GWE’s SUPERFLOT™ – AIR can be used for pretreatment of wastewaters via solids, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) removal, or for sludge separation after an aerobic treatment process.

In tertiary treatment applications, the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR system can be used in combination with coagulant/flocculant dosing to meet strict effluent requirements for solids (TSS) and phosphorus before the discharge to the surface waters.

How can the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR benefit your business?

  • Delivers consistent, reliable operation and superior wastewater treatment efficiencies;
  • Can reduce the required process volumes and footprint of aerobic treatment systems;
  • Works efficiently even when filamentous sludge is present;
  • Sludge disposal costs are reduced due to a much higher solids concentration in the separated sludge than is achievable with gravity clarification.

Industries and applications: pretreatment, tertiary DAF, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, desalination plants.

How does the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) work?

The SUPERFLOT™ – AIR separates solids and/or FOG from wastewater via the principle of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). Solids and/or FOG are forced to float by a curtain of fine air bubbles that are injected into the unit. These microbubbles are created by dissolving air under pressure within a clean, recycled stream of SUPERFLOT™ – AIR effluent, and adding it to the bottom of the vessel containing the wastewater to be treated. After injection, the pressure reduction within the vessel results in the formation of fine air bubbles, which quickly rise to the water surface, capturing and carrying solids and FOG with them.

Consequently, a floating layer of solids and FOG forms on the surface of the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR which is then scraped off and disposed of. In applications with significant amounts of heavy, settleable solids, or simply to maximize operating convenience, the system can also be equipped with a bottom auger for automatic sludge removal.

Use of the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR for solids/liquid separation after aerobic treatment allows for operation at elevated aerobic biomass concentrations, thus reducing the required process volumes and footprint requirements of an aerobic system.

The SUPERFLOT™ – AIR can also achieve high separation efficiencies despite the presence of filamentous sludge within the system, which cannot be done in traditional gravity clarification processes.

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