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Research and development

Research & Development of innovative solutions for profitable and sustainable businesses

Continuous research and development of new solutions allow us to stay at the forefront of the industrial wastewater treatment technology market. Our own efforts and collaborations with renowned universities have been helping us to develop innovative and optimal solutions for a full range of industrial wastewater treatment problems.

Many companies work on developing new solutions, but few have successfully brought them to full-scale, commercial reality. 

It is our imperative to actually bring those innovations to the marketplace in the form of unique GWE technologies like RAPTOR®FLOTAMET™, and CALORIX™

Several generations of our flagship technologies such as ANUBIX™ANAMIX™, and RAPTOR®, are just examples of how careful observation and optimization can lead to operational excellence and the development of unique solutions to age-old issues and shortcomings of earlier generations of the technologies.

Effective feasibility assessment

Although the applicability of certain biological processes can be in most instances evaluated just based on standard laboratory analysis, for some industries and unique waste streams, pilot-scale tests might be required to provide final answers about the technical feasibility. GWE offers pilot treatment services, both onsite and bench-scale laboratory, for such situations and can provide a full range of services from installation to operations to lab analyses, as needed.

Pilot plants, supported by treatability studies can deliver extensive knowledge about the impact of a specific technology before a significant modification, or new installation is built for you.

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