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Solids treatment with GWE technologies for maximum green energy generation

Disposal of waste biomass, sludges, and slurries high in organic content is often a challenge for producers, manufacturers, and waste treatment facilities alike. With GWE technologies, one can effectively manage such materials and even recover value from such seemingly useless waste products. The potential to employ anaerobic treatment with profitable biogas generation is present in industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications.


Wet or dry food scraps and production wastes, tapioca pulp from starch or ethanol factories, waste with high suspended matter from fish canning, dairy and bioethanol industries, together with many more other substrates have successfully been used as feedstocks in our anaerobic processes.

Innovative Management of Sludges, Slurries, and Solids

ANAMIX™ – Anaerobic Mixed Digester


One method of dealing with sludges, slurries and waste solids is to anaerobically digest them to reduce their volume/mass and generate renewable energy from them. ANAMIX™ is an excellent solution for very high strength (high COD) or rich in suspended matter (TSS) effluents, solid wastes, sludges, and slurries. It is available as either a mesophilic ANAMIX™ – M (35 – 40°C operating temperature) or thermophilic ANAMIX™ – T (45 – 55°C) digester.


The ANAMIX™ is a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) type of anaerobic system. The wastewater + sludge mixture enters the ANAMIX™ at the bottom and leaves at the top and the reactor is equipped with internal recirculation at the opposite side of the basin from the influent. Proper mixing, by means of a top entry multi-stage agitator, ensures that the influent is in constant contact with the biomass for optimal mass transfer and conversion of COD to biogas.

ANAMIX™ digesters can be employed as stand-alone systems and also form the core of our RAPTOR® and FLOTAMETprocesses.

Do not waste your Energy! There is a RAPTOR® – a complete waste-to-energy solution.

Sludges and slurries with high energy content can provide significant value when that energy content can be extracted in a useful form. GWE’s RAPTOR® technology is a perfect way to turn such waste products into assets.

RAPTOR® is a compact, multistep, pretreatment-enhanced form of the anaerobic digestion process, designed to transform food & agricultural residues into renewable energy in the form of biogas.

Depending on your needs and local requirements, the slurries might require aerobic stabilization or drying. You can count on us to deliver suitable and cost-effective solutions, no matter what your needs are.

With RAPTOR® GWE delivers a total solution, starting with the logistics for organic waste intake and handling and ending with the production of biogas, green electricity, renewable natural gas for vehicle use or pipeline injection, hot water, or steam. The process consists of one or more pre-treatment operations, specifically geared to the type(s) of wastes being processed, followed by multi-step biological fermentation.

The detailed design of RAPTOR® systems is always adapted to the specific needs imposed by its three major application sectors: industrial, agricultural and municipal. The technology can be applied to any size project, primarily depending on the overall economics and value of the end products produced in a specific application.

Further Sludge Treatment for Bio-fertilizer Production

The non-digestible residue remaining after biogas production can be land-applied as a fertilizer or soil amendment or can be further treated to facilitate ultimate disposal. A mechanical thickening process and/or dewatering unit can be used to maximize the volume reduction of the sludge, to reduce transport costs.

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