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The proper performance of industrial wastewater treatment plants, organic waste-to-energy facilities, and sludge management technologies requires the attention of a specialist on a regular basis.

More than one hundred biogas plants we have successfully built and commissioned in the last 30 years have given us unique know-how regarding biogas generation and the proper application of an extensive range of anaerobic reactor types.

This knowledge allows us to diagnose issue early and effectively prevent future malfunctions of a full range of industrial wastewater technologies. 

That is why, besides helping our clients to generate money from their wastewater, organic solid waste, and slurries with our own techniques, we are also available to assist you in solving technical issues and problems when they arise with many different treatment works.



How can a GWE audit benefit your business?

  • You get access to a worldwide, free hotline for process assistance, advice, and troubleshooting;
  • Experienced engineers and technologists are available for your process assistance on site, for troubleshooting, performance and operating cost optimization;
  • The investigation/study of modifications/extensions for a modified function performed as needed;
  • Full-time and limited-period plant operation is reviewed to evaluate methods for OPEX optimization;
  • Operational risks are evaluated to ensure safe operation;
  • Access to a wide range of services and equipment from one company with a single-source responsibility;
  • Plant inventory and fast spare parts delivery for the minimal downtime of your installation;
  • SCADA integration for remote plant monitoring and supervision;
  • Any retrofitting and/or process upgrades are performed based on your specific requirements, accounting for specific site conditions and utilizing newest, state-of-the-art technologies.

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