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Every biological treatment system requires a certain mass of active microorganisms to inoculate the facility at the beginning of its operation or to restore the biological population after a system upset.


Some types of technologies, such as anaerobic technologies utilizing granular sludge, require specialized forms of biomass to function properly. This material is often difficult to find due to high demand and can delay a process startup or restart.

When not available locally, it can be costly to transport in from afar. In some cases, large amounts of biomass are needed, and sufficient quantities are simply not available in specific locales.


The biomass necessary for the startup of your new biological system can be provided by GWE. Thanks to our extensive network of installations present around the world, whether it is granular sludge for your anaerobic process or another type of material, GWE can typically provide seed material to meet your needs. 


We have some of the largest granular-sludge anaerobic systems in the world and can usually fulfill any size order of such.

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