Water Reclamation

Water recycle & reuse for water footprint reduction

The vast majority of manufactured products require the use of water at some stage of the production process. Globally, it is estimated that around 20% of all water consumption is used by industry. In comparison with the 70% consumed by agriculture, the industrial needs might be considered relatively insignificant. However, in industrialized countries, more than 50% of the water suitable for human use is consumed by industries, and thus conservation, reuse, and recycling of wastewater is a significant part of the overall management of water supplies.

Fresh water intake reduction for better water management

Fortunately, more and more companies are incorporating wastewater reuse via new construction, upgrades, or retrofits of existing wastewater treatment plants, to be able to recover water and utilize it for cleaning, land irrigation, cooling applications, and in some cases, even as process water. Depending on the types and concentrations of contaminants in the wastewater stream, the availability of the advanced wastewater treatment solutions, such as membrane technologies, allows for extremely high purification levels and opens the possibility for many forms of reuse and recycling.

This closed-loop approach can provide great value and help to conserve a precious resource. With the cost of fresh water and effluent disposal continually increasing the optimal water management has become a significant part of the total operating expenses in many industries. The whole range of modern water treatment technologies within GWE’s portfolio is here to support your business on the way to sustainability and saving money.

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