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Biogas Burners

Biogas Burners and Dual/Triple Fuel Burners

Based on more than 30 years of practical experience with biogas use as fuel, GWE can offer burners and boiler modifications to utilize the produced biogas in single and multiple fuel arrangements.

Our biogas burner modifications are unique as they are controlled in such a way that all produced biogas is used as fuel at all times, and this without the use of a gas holder (costly, dangerous and a permitting nightmare).


You can count on us to supply and commission biogas utilization systems:

  • in steam boilers;
  • water heaters;
  • thermal oil boilers and direct-fired dryers;
  • also in combination with a vast variety of other fuels like bunker fuel oil, light fuel oil, natural gas, propane, LPG, coal, lignite, and biomasses like rice husk, bagasse, and sawdust.

Standard burner controls “look forward”, because they are designed for unlimited fuel supply at constant pressure like is the case for example with natural gas. But in a situation where biogas is (one of) the fuel(s) the pressure on the methane reactor(s) must be kept constant, meaning that the controls must be “looking backward”.

The burner conversion package to be supplied must be able to burn successfully variable amounts of biogas with variable pressure, and moreover, in case it is a dual fuel burner, in variable ratios of biogas and fuel oil, while giving biogas priority so ALL the biogas is burnt and fuel oil is topped up as demanded by the steam consumption.

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