Retrofits and Process Upgrades

In addition to unavoidable equipment deterioration over time, specific wastewater treatment plant operating issues might arise from the changes implemented in your business/factory, such as changes in production volume, goods produced, or technologies employed, that were not predicted in the original design of the treatment process.

In some cases, a retrofit of specific mechanical parts of the installation might be required, while in others a complete process upgrade might be needed.

GWE has extensive experience retrofitting, expanding, upgrading and converting existing facilities to newer, more efficient systems.


You can count on us with:

  • Plant and equipment modernization and upgrades;
  • Retrofitting or converting to, new GWE technologies;
  • Plant expansion for increased capacity or to meet more stringent effluent limits.

Do you need re-engineering of your installation? Receive the most practical solution for your specific needs from our engineering team.

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