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Process Optimization

Remote follow up of performance of the treatment plant

The improvement of your wastewater or biogas system operations can also often be improved by the development of a suitable control system for your plant. Depending on your needs, GWE can assist you with the development of, or upgrade of an existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system, to provide proper monitoring, supervision, alarm notifications, and much more. Remote monitoring and control can also be implemented as desired.

Remote follow-up capabilities allow for monitoring of the performance of your plant during nights, weekends, holidays, and other times when operating staff may not be present. Unfortunately, with many industries, the composition of wastewater varies from day to day and operation on so-called ‘full autopilot’ is often not an option.

Via the control system, GWE can assist in monitoring, guide you through daily technical activities, and deliver continuous advice on the necessary adjustments to the operation of the system.

  • PLC program modification/modernization, and upgrades of software within the automation system;
  • Remote control/access by GWE engineers of the automation system via an internet connection;
  • Easy access to the data and download of data reports and online trended data;
  • Upload of performance files and reporting from GWE.

Continuous support from our experts ensures stable operation of the treatment plant. The anticipation of operational issues before more significant problems arise, allows for preventative and effective remediation actions.

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