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Distilleries and Bio-Ethanol

Many distilleries and wineries generate a variety of both solid and liquid waste streams, which are, in most cases, high in organic content and difficult to treat. The complexity and variable nature of wastewaters from such installations make them applications which often require complex treatment.


Solid wastes like grape pomace can also be transformed from waste product to valuable asset. Finally, depending on the local nature of production, the molasses, wine, agave plants, grains, vegetables, and fruits also have to be cleaned and adequately handled before they can be used in the production process, generating additional waste and wastewater that often must be treated separately from the high-strength streams.

The high strength waste streams generated in such facilities are ideally suited for anaerobic treatment and the generation of significant amounts of renewable energy in the form of biogas. Utilization in boilers or engine gensets can then provide a substantial offset of plant energy needs. Wastewaters can also be further polished to allow recovery of water for irrigation and other non-product uses around the production plant, providing additional savings in water use.

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