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GASODRIX™ biogas dryer system

The biogas generated in anaerobic digestion processes is always saturated with water vapor. At mesophilic digester temperatures (around 35°C), the biogas contains about 5% water. During the transfer of the biogas to treatment and/or utilization, the temperature of the biogas will inevitably drop, causing the water vapor to condense and create water droplets within the biogas piping and equipment. This condensation can build up over time to create significant problems within the biogas handling, treatment and utilization systems, including corrosion and blockages.


How can the GASODRIX™ benefit your business?

  • Efficiently removes moisture from biogas;
  • Decreases the risk of failure in your biogas distribution, treatment, and utilization systems;
  • Ensures biogas utilization system operation is smooth and uninterrupted;
  • Contributes to the removal of harmful water-soluble components, such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia;
  • Dries biogas can be used in electrical gensets.

With many types of utilization systems such as electrical gensets, removal of moisture is critical to prevent corrosion and premature system failures. Biogas scrubbing technologies like activated carbon filters can also be severely impaired by excessive moisture in the gas.

As a solution to these problems, GWE developed the GASODRIX™ biogas dryer system. This technology is available as a stand-alone system or as part of an overall biogas handling, treatment, and utilization system. It can be implemented within both new systems and existing facilities to improve their overall performance.

The composition of the biogas is strictly connected wastewater characteristics and/or the type and ratio of feedstock used as an input for the anaerobic digester. Rich in organic contamination industrial wastewater will result in higher methane content in the biogas mixture.

Industries and applications: GASODRIX™ can successfully serve all sectors where the biogas drying is recommended or required.

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